Parent  Announcements 
PTA BAKE SALE on THURSDAY MARCH 23, 2017 @ 5:30PM on the 4th Floor
During Parent-Teacher Meeting
THURSDAY APRIL 20, 2017 - Next SLT Meeting @ 4:30 PM
and PTA Meeting @ 6:00PM
AFSE After School Clubs & Student Opportunities
Check our Student Resources Pages on our website- Click Here
How to Join or donate to the AFSE Parent-Teacher Association
Want to join as a parent AFSE Parent-Teacher Association ? Please email us your contacts at: ptavp@afsenyc.org

 When are AFSE PTA meetings?
THU. APRIL 20, 2017
WED. MAY 17,2017
THU. JUNE 15,2017 
The PTA meetings are held on the third Wednesday one month - the third Thursday the next month- in rotating months.
The PTA meetings were set up on this rotation to permit more parents to attend.
Another technique the PTA has used to encourage more Parent participation is the use of Google Hangouts so parents can be home and still attend the PTA meetings.
Also the PTA meetings are stored and the broadcast can be found on youtube.com at the AFSE PTA YouTube page
We are working very HARD to encourage more parent participation in the PTA! We need your participation.